Friday, November 18, 2005

Sony distributes DRM - Rootkit!

All the major players out there are trying to come up with the perfect DRM (Digital Rights Management) solution to stop all this CD/DVD pirating. So Sony starts shipping CDs with it's own flavour of DRM that auto-installs on your PC when you put the CDROM in. Only, they then try to hid the DRM software using XCP, which is basically a rootkit! XCP can be used to hide ANY process/file/folder/regkey that starts with "$sys$"! And it turns out it's also remotely exploitable! (Recieved a signature update for it just yesterday!).

Fortunatly the boys at Symantec have a free scanner/removal tool. So if you've recently bought a Sony Music published CD, you might want to give this app a run against any PC you've put it in.
Symantec Security Response - SecurityRisk.First4DRM

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