Friday, November 18, 2005

MS gets all leaky on us...

There's a bit of a bru-ha boiling on the net around some leaked emails/memos from Microsoft: Miguel de Icaza [memos can be found here]

Miguel and others point out that it's all a little bit suspicious and staged, which to my uneducated eyes appears true, though having seen some of the emails/memo/presentations that we get at my office... Sometimes the powers at be really believe (and write) this stuff.

Who knows, I have a love-hate relationship with Microsoft, I have to use their products (by-and-large) and they often do some really cool stuff, some of them are even relativly cheap. But when somethings not working, or you're trying to make that next logicial development step... they often start to fall short and the support isn't always helpful.

MS have learned a lot of lessions, through making a lot of mistakes, and the've come a long way, they and their products are definitly improving (and bloating unfortunatly), lets hope that things just keep getting better.

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