Friday, June 03, 2005

MS Snubs porting to PowerPC

Computer World article

Key phrase: "No, this is not one of our supported platforms."
Of course not, you've only recently started porting the Xbox code to PowerPC, so of course you don't "support" real Windows on PowerPC.

Key phrase: " plans to port to Power at this time."
Maybe not, but I bet MS have a team doing a feasibility study...

Given that the console market isn't as big as the PC market (thanks to corporates?), though
 it's probably pretty close, which means that whatever hardware is used in the consoles will become very cheap (OK, so in the console's themselves it's subsidised by the price of software/games).  Can you say "Server Farms"?

And if IBM are at all committed to the platform (and they're probably already doing it for the AIX/Linux community), how about multicore PowerPC blade servers?  Talk about packing a whole lot of punch in a very dense form factor.  BTW I see their existing POWER Blade fits into their standard BladeCenter, alongside INTEL based Blades... nice.

Then again, how much of the server market does IBM have (HP/Compaq & Dell are probably fighting it out), how long before IBM sells off it's server division?

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