Tuesday, May 24, 2005

StarWars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Well, just like most geeks, I headed off to see Episode 3 last night, down at The Berkley in Mision Bay. Nice little theater by the way (you can take your beer into the movies!)

I wasn't expecting too much of the film, having heard a mixture of reviews and seen a number of shorts. But in the end, I was quite impressed, heavy on the action (particularly lightsabre scenes), nice SPFX (mostly) and a good effort to tie things in with E4-6.

On the downside (or is that darkside?) Padamin still didn't age (but got pregnant quickly, while Anikin was away?), but Anikin does. Yoda's lipsync was abysmal (Back to muppets for Frank), the backgrounds were often blurry (may have been the focus on the projector) and the constant use of Tem Morrison was initally comical, but then I remembered he was cloned, Duh!

All-in-all a cool film, that needed seeing on the big screen. I wonder if there are any 1080i/p digital theaters in New Zealand?

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