Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Informal Telecom HSPA+ performance test

I recently recieved an HSPA+ USB stick from Telecom/Sierra Wireless, without a SIM/plan. So being the geek I am, pulled the SIM from my HTC Touch Pro 2 and dropped it in the USB stick.

And then proceeded to do the very unscientific test below using, comparing it with my aging Telecom CDMA Rev A card and the built-in Wifi (802.11g) on my laptop via my Telecom/Xtra BigTime plan, during what is probably peak time.

Some interesting things to note:
  • The HSPA+ (XT) network and ADSL2+ (Xtra) both appear to have POPs in Auckland ( picks Auckland as the nearest/default server), but the CDMA network seems to have it's POP in Wellington
  • Ping times were all over the place and probably fairly reflective of the fact that this was done during peak hours
  • For some reason (and I've seen this before) my ADSL gets great ping-times to Wellington (thanks CityLink!) and poor download speed from Auckland
  • My ADSL2+ is connecting at 11.5/0.94Mbit/s
    Yes, I'm lucky enough to be in an ADSL2+ area as you pay the same price even if your connection is slower
  • Both the HSPA+ and CDMA were showing full signal strength
  • While HSPA+ didn't get anywhere near its 21Mbit/s theoretical limit (and there can't be that many people in my cell who are using it yet right?) it does nock the socks off CDMA Rev A (pitty I don't have a non + HSPA device to compare with)
  • Cost aside, HSPA+ looks like a viable alternative to current average ADSL speeds
  • Pricing (no discounts included)
    • Mobile Broadband (HSPA+) - $59.95/month for 2Gig plan or $29.95 for 500Meg prepaid
    • Xtra BigTime Broadband (ADSL2+) - $59.95/month for unlimited (throttled) plan
    • Mobile Broadband (CDMA Rev A) - unknown (it's on a corporate plan)
  • It would appear that I'm not even getting close to HSPA+'s potential (I thought it might be becuase it was still locked down to HSPA speeds), but the guys on have been reporting speeds between 16 and 21Mb/s!

Excuse the gap, it's something that seems to do to HTML tables, really should learn more CSS...

Remuera, Auckland to:

Sierra Wireless HSPA+ 308 USB


Telecom ADSL2+
(BigTime & WiFi G)






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