Monday, September 05, 2005

The slacker..

Hi People,

OK, I've been a bit slack on the tech blog of late... that's an understatement...
The jokes have trickled in, thanks to the likes of Con and my IT co-conspiritors (at least the ones that aren't leaving/left!).

So anyway, here's what I've been up to:

Battling Hummingbird's DM and KM products. Mainly to having very little clue :(

Spent three days last week at MicroSoft TechEd, Jesper Johansson and Steve Riley are still the highlights! Not a lot new on the security front, although MS are pushing IPSec policy again, to isolate server from the bad guys, desktops, even each other... Personally, that's what a firewalls for, but I'm happy to have more layers, after all, security is like Ogers.. erk! I mean Onions :)

Recently joined in the Total Sport 12 Hour MountainBike "race", well, we put up three teams in the 6 hour race anyway... (look for REC A/B/C in the results, I was in REC B) Loads of fun!

Thanks to Nolan getting older, I got to go PaintBalling recently. My first time and I had an excellent time, getting hit 2nd lowest number of times, and no injuries, dispite a shot to the neck at close range. We played two fields [1 and 6] of capture the flag, the first game (two 30 minute halves) no one even got close to the flags, the second game, I buddied with Nolan to capture the enimies flag about 2 minutes before the end of the game. Nolan made it back to the base, only to find the other team had done exactly the same thing. Will definitly have to do that again.

Started to get Blog spam on Friday Crud, oh well, at least someone must be reading it, even if it's just a bot....

Sent the family off to Paihia for a holiday with my in-laws, would have been nice to have gone too, but it give me the excuse of working the weekend and late nights to get back on top of some of my projects at work... [and to blog a little]

That's it for now, I had wanted to blog from TechEd, but just got to busy (had to come back to the office every day... even after the mammoth TechFest!)

Have fun people and quit pressuring me to go back to Wellington!

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